Who are we

Bell Rae Phelps Proprietary Limited has its origins in Sweden and northern Europe where quality food-grade silicone seals are used extensively within both home and businesses. BRP (as we are known) abhors the use of sub-standard products and know only too well the pitfalls one enters when an enterprise or individual makes use of poor quality products and workmanship.

When we declare that our entire range is based on “Food Grade” quality, this confirms our committed compliance to the very high standards set for use within the food and beverage industry. We are aware that if we achieve these high standards any of our seals, whether used in the home or in industrial plants, meets standards that few if any can surpass. Silicone has replaced rubber as it can be disinfected, washed repeatedly, and can last for years if handled in the proper manner. Rubber seals tended to disintegrate and perish too quickly whereas Silicone seals can endure for a much longer period, saving the consumer money in not having to continually buy replacement seals (rubber or metal) on a regular basis.

All Silo-Seals can be used in ovens (up to 160c) and freezers (-10c).   For correct cleaning instructions please follow the procedures outlined on the packs.

It is the ultimate seal for sealing foodstuffs, storing parts in workshops that are susceptible to rust, or those special items that need a genuine seal either against the weather or for health reasons. Our Silo-Seal range of applications are enormous. It really is the perfect seal. There is nothing quite like it!

Bell Rae Phelps believes in fairness and transparent trading practices. We do not condone corruption or abuse of position of authority at any level, and will always work towards a fair, just and equitable society based upon open transactions. This is vital in the advancement of any democratic, free open market economy. The health of the consumer, and the cost saving efficiencies of our seals help towards consumers saving money in the long run.

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